Parker PV+ Axial Piston Pump

Axial Piston Pumps PVplus | Frame Size 1: PV020

DTA Hydraulics supplies Parker PVplus axial piston pumps, repair kits and spare parts from stock. As hydraulics distributor of Parker Hannifin, we hold a large inventory of the PVplus (Frame Size 1) rotating groups, pump parts and pumps; all brand new and genuinely made by the Pump and Motors Division Europe of Parker Hannifin. The PVplus is a hydraulic pump solely made in Germany. Contact us now for a request to quote the fixed displacement axial piston pump PV020R1K1T1N100.
Is this not the axial piston pump you require? No need to worry! Just use the online piston pump configurator to configure and select any other fixed or variable displacement axial piston pump that meets your demands. The PVplus PV020R1K1T1N100 is a fixed displacement pump with no control function. Other hydraulic pump control options include hydromechanical and electrohydraulic control. Please find further hydraulic and technical details below.

PV020 Parker PVplus Axial Piston Pump by Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin
Axial Piston Pump
20.0 ml/rev
Fixed Displacement
No Control Function
Mounting Interface
ISO 3019-2 100 B4 HW
Shaft Type
Cylindrical Keyed
Shaft Size
Ø 25.0 mm ISO 3019-2 G25N
Min Speed
400 rpm
Max Speed
up to 3000 rpm
Seal Type
NBR seals, FPM shaft seal
Net weight
19 kg
Country of Origin
Tariff code
8413 5061
Parker PVplus Axial Piston Pump PV020 No Control Function PV020R1K1T1N100

Additional Specifications:

Right (clockwise)
Prepared for Through Drive
Model threads
Model ports

Hydraulic Pump Characteristics of Parker PV020R1K1T1N100

Series Frame Size Model Displacement Control Group Nominal Pressure Maximum Pressure
PVplus BG1 PV020 20.0 ml/rev No Control Function 350 bar up to 420 bar

Order a Parker PVplus axial piston pump or the spare parts you need here.

In the parts tables below you may select the hydraulic parts you need. All PVplus parts we sell are genuine Parker Hannifin and originate in Germany. We highly recommend to use genuine OEM parts only to ensure smooth operation and longer service life.

Axial Piston Pump PV020R1K1T1N100 | Hydraulic Pump Assembly with Seal and Shaft Repair Kit

Parker Hannifin Model Description Items (dwg here) List Price Article No.
PV020R1K1T1N10045 PV020 Parker PVplus Axial Piston Pump 4,183.45 PV020R1K1T1N100
SK-PVBG1N145 PV020 Seal Kit NBR seals, FPM shaft seal 387.09 SK-PVBG1N145
SK-PVBG1WDRN42/45 PV020 Shaft Seal Kit FPM shaft seal, NBR o-ring 67,72 188.02 SK-PVBG1WDRN42
RK-PVBG1WPM42/45 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Cylindrical Keyed Shaft and Bearing 14,37,38,52,57,62 995.38 RK-PVBG1WPM42

The Parker PVplus hydraulic pumps are produced in Chemnitz, Germany and manufactured by Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co. KG. The PV020R1K1T1N100 is an axial piston pump of fixed displacement with a maximum displacement volume of 20.0 ml/rev. The mounting interface is according to metric (ISO 3019-2) and the pump control group is no control function. Further details are listed in the Parker PV020 Datasheet.

Axial Piston Pump PV020R1K1T1N100 | Repair Kits for Rotating Group and Valve Plate

Parker Hannifin Model Description Items (dwg here) List Price Article No.
RK-PVBG1KOS42/45 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Piston Assembly Set 15 746.53 RK-PVBG1KOS42
NIEDERHALTE-SATZ KS42-45 PV020 Retainer Kit 20,21,22,41 381.55 RK-PVBG1NHS42
RK-PVBG1ZYT42 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Barrel Kit 16,17,39,51 995.38 RK-PVBG1ZYT42
RK-PVBG1SSR42/45 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Valve Plate CW Rotation 23,47 348.38 RK-PVBG1SSR42

All pump repair kits listed on this page are for Parker PVplus axial piston pumps of latest design series. Current design of Parker PVplus PV020 is 45 Design (hydraulic pump) and Design (pump controller). The item numbers listed in these tables refer to the PV020 exploded view drawing of the Parker PV020 Spare Sparts List PVplus Design 45. Should you require spare parts for an older design PVplus pump, please contact us for further information (do not forget to include pump name plate information).

Axial Piston Pump PV020R1K1T1N100 | Repair Kits for Bearings and Swash Plate

Parker Hannifin Model Description Items (dwg here) List Price Article No.
RK-PVBG1LS42/45 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Bearing Kit 38,52,57,62 331.79 RK-PVBG1LS42
RK-PVBG1GLE42/45 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Trunnion Bearing Unit 6,82 282.03 RK-PVBG1GLE42
RK-PVBG1SRS42 REPARATURSATZ PV020 Swash Plate Kit 3,9,11,12,25,60,99 696.77 RK-PVBG1SRS42

Be sure to operate the hydraulic pump under optimum oil viscosity (not too low) since a thinner lubrication film causes more direct metal to metal contact resulting in increased wear in glide and roller bearings. The PVplus bearing kit contains both the front and rear roller bearing of the drive shaft and are also included in the pump shaft repair kit. The PVplus trunnion bearing unit contains the two glide bearings of the pump swash plate (trunnion bearings are not included in swash plate kit).

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