Denison Hydraulics Vane Motor
M5B 018 2N** B1M 00000

Vane Motors M5B-Series | Denison Hydraulics

DTA supplies genuine Denison Hydraulics vane motors, cartridge kits and other spare parts from stock. We hold a large stock of the M5 Series (Size B) cartridge parts and motors, brand new and genuinely made by the Pump and Motor Division Europe of Parker Hannifin. Contact us now for a request to quote the vane motor M5B 018 2N** B1M 00000

Is this not the motor you require? No need to worry! Just use the online vane motor configurator to configure and select any other heavy or medium duty vane motor that meets your demands. The range of theoretical displacement of the Denison Hydraulics M5 Series (Size B) vane motor M5B is 6.3 ml/rev up to 25.0 ml/rev. The total displacement of the single vane motor M5B 018 2N** B1M 00000 is 18.0 ml/rev. Please find further hydraulic and technical details below.

The Genuine Denison Hydraulics Denison Vane Motor M5B by

Brand Name
Denison Hydraulics
Single Vane Motor
Heavy Duty
Mounting Interface
ISO 3019-2 100 A2/B4 HW
up to 6000 rpm
18.0 ml/rev
Theoretical Flow
108 l/min
Theoretical Torque
0.286 Nm/bar
Direction of Rotation
Type of Shaft
keyed (ISO E25M)
Seal Class
Buna N
Net weight
18.5 kg
Country of Origin
Tariff code
8412 2920
Denison Hydraulics M5B Heavy Duty Vane Motor by Parker Hannifin

Additional Specifications:

Position of the Ports
Side ports
Fluid Ports Orientation
show diagram
Fluid Ports 'A' and 'B'
SAE flange J518c (Code 61)
Connection Standard
4-bolt Metric thread
Motor Drain Option
External drain
Drain Connection Size
M18 x 1.5
Motor Port 'A'
SAE 3/4" (Ø 19.05 mm)
SAE Flange 'A' Bolt Size
M10 x 1.5
Motor Port 'B'
SAE 3/4" (Ø 19.05 mm)
SAE Flange 'B' Bolt Size
M10 x 1.5
Optional Vane Motor Specs
No option (standard)
Integrated Pressure Valve
Not included (standard)

Single Vane Motor M5B Cartridge Configuration

Series Size Application Cam Ring Displacement Torque Flow Pressure
M5 B Heavy Duty 018 18.0 ml/rev 0.286 Nm/bar 108 l/min up to 320 bar

Order a Denison Hydraulics vane motor: complete, or just the genuine parts that you need.

In the parts table below you may select the hydraulic parts you need. All parts we sell are genuine Denison Hydraulics by Parker Hannifin. We highly recommend to use genuine OEM parts only to ensure smooth operation and longer service life.

Parts of M5B 018 2N** B1M 00000

        Denison Hydraulics Model Description List Price Article No.
M5B 018 2N** B1M 00000 Denison Vane Motor M5B 2,905.20 054-34330-0
CARTR M5B MOTOR 018 Cam M5B 018 - Motor Cartridge Kit 1,104.84 S24-63501-0
PLATE M5B PRESS ASS M5B Port Plate Pressure Assembly 280.17 S24-94099-0
SHAFT M5B KEYED 2 ASS Shaft Assembly #2 (incl. bearing) 363.50 S24-68882-0
KIT M5B SEAL S1 Seal Class S1 - Buna N Seal Kit 52.31 S24-94579-0

Denison Vane Motors: Bearings, End-caps and integrated Hydraulic Valves

        Denison Hydraulics Model Description List Price Article No.
BEARG BALL 30 X 62 X 16 Ball Bearing Drive Shaft - Motor Front Cap 66.50 230-90026-3
CAP M5B END M BIR ASS End Cap M5B - SAE 3/4" (Metric), Side ports 788.70 S24-94093-0
BEARG NEED 16 X 22 X 16 Needle Bearing Drive Shaft - Motor End Cap 25.25 230-90023-3
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